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Turkey’s leading health portal and publising house

Medikal Akademi, is one of the leading medical magazine group and publishing house in Turkey. We have a successful national medical newspaper and magazine with high volume of distribution. We are working with a group of well-known academicians who are also part of our editorial board.

Medikal Akademi established in March 2010. Despite of our short history we have been succeed in many projects. Today, we are the biggest web portal both for the heath profesionals and public. Our web site attract majority of Turkish doctors and health professionals. (around 2.8 million unic visitor and 3.5 Millions page view  each mounth) To see our statistics please click the picture on the right.

Medikal Akademi is publishing journals for the various branches of medicine, many academic books and related information products for the Turkish medical profession. We also aim to corporate with international publishers to translate medical books, guide and educational programs for Turkish doctors. Medikal Akademi has its own distribution department and we also have strong contact with many local book stores.

Desipite of its short history, Medikal Akademi, has become the leading website in Turkey and our followers in social media arrives 80.000 peoples. To see and compare our Alexa statistic with other medical websites who sercvice news to health professionals in Turkey, please click the picture you see on the right.

Our Mission:
Our mission has always been to provide through quality information products, easily accessable, accurate and up-to-date medical information in order to create a reliable communication platform for Turkish medical profession.

Our services:
Publishing and sales of academic medical journals,
Publishing and sales of medical books,
Online medical information systems for academic editorial boards,
Publishing of medical booklets, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, posters etc. for the pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies,
Editorial services,
Documantary production service
Mailing and marketing services

Medikal Akademi Editorial Board

Hüseyin Kandemir
Tel: 00 90 537 309 29 55 – Fax: 00 90 212 233 90 61
Mail: huseyin@medikalakademi.com.tr

Prof. Dr. Dilek Güldal
9 Eylül University Medical Faculty, President of Family Medicine Department

Prof. Dr. Hakan Hamdi Çelik
Hacettepe University Medical Faculty, President of Turkish Anatomy Society

Prof. Dr. Mehdi Zoghi
Aegean University Medical Faculty, Cardiology Department

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zileli
Aegean University Medical Faculty, Former President of Turkish Neurosurgery Society

Prof. Dr. Semra Sardaş
Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. Şükrü Sindel
Gazi University Medical Faculty, Department of Nephrology, President of Turkish Hypertension and Kidney Society

Dr. Candan Hızel
Auvergne University, France – C2H-Vichy Genomic, Canada – Jean Perrin Anti-Cancer Center, France

Contact for advertiesment and business:
Tel: 00 90 549 360 67 67 – Fax: 00 90 212 233 90 61
Mail: info@medikalakademi.com.tr

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