9. National and 2. International Congress of Hydatidology, November 2018, Nicosia / North Cyprus


15 Kas 2018 - 17 Kas 2018





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Dear distinguished members and colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased and honored to welcome you to the 9th National and 2nd International Congress of Hydatidology which will be held in Nicosia / North Cyprus on November 15-17, 2018 by the collaboration of Turkish Association of Hydatidology and Near East University.

The proposal for making the 9th National Congress of Hydatidology to be held at Near East University in Nicosia / North Cyprus was assessed by our Association’s Board of Directors and with the great efforts of Prof. Dr. Hasan BESIMwho is Head of the Department of Surgery at Medical Faculty of Near East University.

Echinococcosis is one of the most important helminthic diseases all over the world on both human and animal health and also inducement of economic loses in many countries. So we strongly believe that our congress involving the recent developments will be very profitable and contribute a lot to the solutions of human and animal health issues for our countries and also will be very instructive and indicative especially for the young researchers. A number of the internationally distinguished speakers with the expertise in the fields are invited.

On the behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to express our happiness to be with you in this scientific and social sharing environment. We are looking forward to meeting you in North Cyprus in November 2018.

Best regards,

Prof.Dr. Nazmiye Altıntaş
President of Turkish Association of Hydatidology
Vice President of World Association of Echinococcosis

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