MedicReSGood Regenerative & amp; Stem Cell Practice Congress – Online / Virtual


24 Eki 2020 - 31 Eki 2020


Online / Virtual - Avusturya / VİYANA


Avusturya / VİYANA


Esteemed scientists of Turkish and world medicine;
Esteemed educators and students of Medicine and Health Sciences
Pharmaceutical and medical device industry professionals,
Those who work diligently day and night to develop a vaccine or drug,
Health authorities and treatment regulating institutions,
Ethical board members, authors, editors, referees, publishing house owners,

We are happy to invite you to the 7th International
Multidisciplinary Good Medical Research Digital Congress.
Our Congress will be held on 24-31 October digitally across Istanbul, New York and Tokyo time zones for 24/7.
We are in the 9th year of Medicres’ Good Medical Research themed events.

This year Covid-19 pandemic showed us that the only reliable source we can turn to in such situations is medical research and if the research we have in the literature is not reliable, then we have nothing at all. This is exactly what we have been standing against as MedicReS for many years now; we are completely against waste literature. Now, we are calling out to students, presidents of various associations, publishers, all those individuals and bodies who have a responsibility in this aspect. In a scientific research study, in every step of the way from choosing a subject, to planning, data gathering, criticism and synthesis, a combination of scientific methodology, ethics and biostatistics science and clinical knowledge is meticulously put to use. Responsible researchers should have the scientific maturity to be willing to continuous education in this area; furthermore, they should be willing to acknowledge that topics that they think they know very well may be biased. The most important are MedicReS operates in is post-graduation “Good Medical Researcher” trainings.

MedicReS Good Medical Research congress will be supported by conferences held in different clinical areas.
Topics we will be covering during the conference include, first off all choosing a research subject; research ethics, publishing ethics, bioethics, correct research design for disease and purpose, data analysis suitable for chosen design; research paper writing techniques for chosen design, referee standardization, scientific ways of preventing biases during research planning, steps to be taken to ensure validity and efficacy; scientific criticism standards of published research; courses on critical article writing skills, methods for learning biostatistics, ethics, and research methods in graduate and post graduate levels; using technology effectively in medical and research education. We will discuss these issues in main sessions and in private sessions in all clinical areas.

Our congress has a different structure and content compared to national congresses of clinical sciences. It is possible to apply to the congress with research proposals in planning stage and research published a year before the date of the congress or with critical or contributing responses to published research. Our congress is multidisciplinary, and it is possible to join all sessions and trainings with only the registration fee. In some workshops and sessions, there may be limited participants allowed or the language may not be English. While the official written language of the Congress in English; presentations in 20 languages will be accepted. Therefore we advise you to be careful about the language and maximum participant numbers of sessions you would like to participate in. We would be happy if you could complete your registration posthaste. We encourage our participants to become members of MedicReS Club as well.

In this scientific celebration that will continue for a week for almost 24 hours in different time zones, there will also be special sessions or Covid-19 in all clinical sciences and separately as well. There are many things that this epidemic has taught us. We will meet freely without the constraints of time and place or language by using technology and by saving time too. Everything we do is for good research. We sincerely wish to see you in our congress.

Kind Regards,
Prof. Dr. Arzu KANIK
​MedicReS Global Scientific Director

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