‘Pearls of Neurophysiology’ & How to approach Neural Circuits?

Tarih: 04 Şubat 2022

Saat: 19:00

Süre: 30 dakika

In this live webinar, Dr. Onur Duygu will lecture about new developments on  “‘Pearls of Neurophysiology’ & How to approach Neural Circuits?” This course is free of charge for medical students, physicians, and health professionals. Questions from participants will be answered at the end of our broadcast. You may write your questions in our comment section anytime. Please use the registration button (Kayıt Ol) to be part of this webinar. So you may receive a reminder e-mail before the broadcast. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel, for future events and broadcasts.

Core Concepts of Physiology: A Comprehensive guide from cellular stage

Some of the topics that will be discussed in our meeting:

  • How to approach Neural Circuits?
  • Motor and Sensory Systems
  • Executive Functions of Brain
  • Neurotransmission through the age of cutting-edge developments
  • Neural Organization high yield points for your Board Purposes

New York: 11:00 AM / London: 4:00 PM
Berlin: 5:00 PM / Abu Dhabi: 8:00 PM / New Delhi: 9:00 PM

You can access the event more easily by registering with the registration button above. You can also watch our broadcasts on our social media accounts below:



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